Jeremy Perez

Jeremy Perez



About Coach

Jeremy Perez is more than just a name; he's a dedicated husband and father to two beautiful children, as well as a compassionate Registered Nurse. For over five years, Jeremy has been an integral part of the Little City Fitness community, where his journey from member to coach has been nothing short of inspiring.

His coaching style has blossomed from a genuine passion for fitness and a desire to see others surpass their own limitations. Jeremy's love for the sport continues to deepen, and he finds immense joy in imparting his knowledge to others.

In his coaching philosophy, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of continual growth and evolution, both for himself and his fellow members. He understands that fitness journeys can be challenging, but with the support of a community like Little City Fitness, obstacles are merely stepping stones to success.

Jeremy's own physical accomplishments, cultivated through years of dedication to his craft, serve as a testament to his commitment and expertise. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to share his passion and expertise with you, guiding you toward your own personal victories in the world of fitness.

Turning Point

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