Danielle Paull

Danielle Paull

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About Coach

A lifelong athlete herself, Dani knows what it takes to excel at the highest levels. From High School and Collegiate sports to a 2x Crossfit Games Athlete, Dani has put in the work herself. She has trained her brain just as hard! Dani has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and a Master's Degree in Exercise Psychology from The University of Akron. Coach Dani also has her Certification in Precision Nutrition. Dani was an Athlete for the NPGL New York Rhinos and served as a utility player. On top of all that, she's served her Country as a Supply Specialist in the Ohio Army National Guard. ​ Dani helps a wide variety of athletes reach their goals. She works with Middle and High school Athletes, College, Professional and Amateur athletes.

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