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Why join Little City Fitness....

With our FREE 2 Weeks approaching fast we wanted to let all of you know a little about Little City Fitness and what we are all about.

Little City Fitness was first established as Little City CrossFit in June 2019. We changed our name to Little City Fitness due to our growing facility and multiple programs offered in May 2020. Since day one our plan of attack has been to provide something that no other facility in the area did. We pride ourselves on being different and with that we pride ourselves on having the mentality of unprecedent customer service. Not many gyms will greet you at the door by your first name and show genuine interest in what’s happening in each other’s lives.

At Little City Fitness we have built a community that acts and functions as a family. Little City is more than a “gym”, it’s a home away from home, a place to come and release stress; have some laughs and all the while, kicking our butts in workouts. It is a way of life. There is no reason to dread working out, well maybe sometimes but knowing that there will be others by your side going through the same torture, helps to provide the courage to carry on.

We want people to take ownership of their lives and we provide the tools for everyone to do that at Little City Fitness. Between our crazy workouts and variety of athletes, 2 things can be guaranteed: you will get a great workout and will be surrounded by people who truly care.

No one is perfect. However, we each have the opportunity to learn from mistakes and try to make a difference. Little City is a lifestyle developed on working out. We sweat, bleed, feel dizzy, and wonder, “why am I paying for this?” We pay because of a simple word surrounding and stabilizing Little City. It’s love. We continually are building bonds that keep us coming back for more. We love the way we feel, the way we are beginning to look, and the other family members in the gym. We take pride in wearing our Little City Fitness shirts. They mean something and rightfully should. You have created a lifestyle many are envious of.

Whether you’re going to be brand new or if you’ve been a member since day 1, our wish for each of you is to keep this mindset and be proud of what you accomplish on a regular basis at Little City Fitness. Continue conquering fears, one at a time. In turn, we will give you a better understanding of your body and the direct positive impact proper nutrition and exercise will have on your life.

Never give up on yourself, because we don’t plan on giving up on you. Be sure to take FULL advantage of our upcoming FREE WEEKS. This offer runs from November 9th - November 20th.

Best Regards,

Owners/Coaches Danielle Sidell and Phillip Lewis

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