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Athlete Testimonial

This is our first BLOG post and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you guys. This testimonial comes from Jamie Hoepf. Check out what she has to say!

When I had a baby in July 2019....

I thought I was an active enough person that the baby weight would just fall off. After six months of trying to do it on my own I sought out a personal trainer at another local gym, but one hour once a week was not cutting it and I couldn’t find the motivation to go to the gym alone. If I did, I was only doing half-assed workouts and staying for as little time as possible. I was miserable and frustrated. I covered my body up before I stepped in front of the mirror. I didn’t want my husband to see me naked. These negative feelings flowed into every aspect of my life and really started to affect my well-being. I look back now and believe I was probably on the edge of depression.

February of this year everything changed for me.

I saw a friend on Facebook who had a baby two months after I did and she already had her body back. I decided to ask her how she did it and she invited me to try Little City Fitness (then Crossfit) with her. I was terrified at first because Crossfit carries a certain reputation for heavy weights, lots of grunting, and flipping tires. I went into it with an open mind though and joined after my first class. I loved it from day one. The workouts are intense and push me way beyond my comfort zone, but in doing them I have realized I am a much stronger person than I give myself credit for. The coaches are amazing when it comes to teaching the moves and working with new members. Every day when I walk out of class I have a smile on my face because I feel like I accomplished something great. I’m now lifting heavier than I ever thought possible. I have more endurance than ever. I have lost all my baby weight and then some. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I am proud of myself and my progress. I finally am comfortable in my own body again which in turn makes me happier in every aspect of my home life as well.

And as much as I love the classes, that’s not even the best part of this gym. The members are like no family I have ever seen. From day one I was welcomed with open arms. They check in on each other’s mental health. If someone is not at class for a few days it does not go unnoticed. I found a group of friends here who many have been through pregnancy and faced the struggles of raising a child/children and balancing your mental and physical health. I feel like any one of them would be there for me if I needed a listening ear. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends who truly cares about my mental, physical, and emotional well-being and that support is what keeps me coming back day after day. Little City Fitness has not only proven to be good for my body, but it is great for my soul. I’m at peace with myself which allows me to be a better wife, sister, daughter and most importantly, MOM.

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