Little City Barbell Club

Little City Weightlifting in conjunction with Little City Functional Fitness is Norwalk Ohio’s first USAW registered barbell club. Being a part in the rise of the sport of Olympic weightlifting has always been a dream for coaches: Jake, Jess, and Spencer.


The goal for Little City Weightlifting is to not only grow the sport of Olympic weightlifting but also to help educate Little City Functional Fitness members on their olympic lifts. All athletes will get in person Coaching and Video breakdowns of their lifts. 


At Little City Weightlifting we plan to offer at least two separate services: Olympic Weightlifting, and The Hybrid Program. Below are the basic outlines of each program.


Olympic Weightlifting: Olympic Weightlifting is a sport where you compete in two explosive lifts, the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. This is a sport that tests explosive, high velocity strength, which makes it great for every sport to practice (hence why we do the lifts in functional fitness… wink wink). With this membership you will learn the technical aspects of these lifts and ideally compete in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. This membership is also for individuals that may want to use the olympic lifts to improve in sports they are already competing in, or to get stronger in everyday life. You will be coached and assisted by current registered coaches and national level lifters: Jake, Jess, and Spencer.

The Hybrid Program: This is a unique program for the current members of Little City Fitness. The Hybrid Program will combine Olympic Weightlifting with your current Little City regiment. This will be a 3-5 day a week program that only focuses on the technical aspects of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. You will have access to coaches when available and if you are performing the program at a time when the barbell club is not training you will have access to complete technical analysis via facebook in our Hybrid facebook group, there coaches will have access to break down your lifts and communicate technical flaws.