Danielle Sidell

A lifelong athlete herself, Dani knows what it takes to excel at the highest levels.  From High School and Collegiate sports to a 2x Crossfit Games Athlete, Dani has put in the work herself.  She has trained her brain just as hard! Dani has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and a Master's Degree in Exercise Psychology from The University of Akron. Coach Dani also has her Certification in Precision Nutrition. Dani was an Athlete for the NPGL New York Rhinos and served as a utility player. On top of all that, she's served her Country as a Supply Specialist in the Ohio Army National Guard.

Dani helps a wide variety of athletes reach their goals.  She works with Middle and High school Athletes, College, Professional and Amateur athletes.  

Phil Lewis

Coach Phil is co-owner and has his Level 1 CrossFit Certificate. Phil has been a coach since August of 2019 at Little City CrossFit. Phil got started in CrossFit in May 2018 following rehab from knee surgery in early 2018 as a means to get back into shape and hasn’t looked back. Phil, his wife Aleshia, and their three kids all enjoy the CrossFit community and the family atmosphere at Little City CrossFit. Phil is an Air Force Veteran and is a civil engineer. Phil is high energy and really likes to bring fun and competition into his coaching.

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Annie Ellen

Coach Annie began her CrossFit/Functional Fitness journey back in August of 2011at Mapleton High School while coaching softball.


Wanting to model strength, determination, and grit for her athletes she began working out with them. Coach Annie found a love for CrossFit/Functional Fitness that has only grown stronger since she began with her own athletes. She loves the community atmosphere and getting to know all the members and began coaching CrossFire in June of 2020.


Annie lives in Norwalk with her husband, AJ and their 2 kids, Carrollee and Daniel. When not in the gym, Coach Annie is a high school math teacher and enjoys playing slow pitch softball and spending time with her family and friends.

Wyatt Jaeger

Coach Wyatt has been doing CrossFit or functional fitness for a little over two years and fell in love with it instantly when his second workout in it was the “Murph”. Ever sense that day Coach Wyatt has been obsessed with being the fittest he can possibly be and is always trying to get better at all the movements in the long list of things to in CrossFit/Functional Fitness. Wyatt is currently enrolled in college for Nursing because helping people is something’s he has always wanted to do when it came his life job! Coach Wyatt found that being a coach helps that just as much showing people the correct way of doing a movement and seeing people achieve their goals! Also he's the coach for the “Wednesday Wods with Wyatt” what he's more than happy to be apart of!

Holly Cleland

Hi my name is Holly Cleland and I a very excited to be coaching at Little City Fitness!

I married to my wonderful husband Matt. We have 2 children Lakyn 4 and Bentley 2. My full time job is teaching Kindergarten at Willard City schools!

My fitness adventure started over 7 years ago in the basement of my best friends house! We moved from the basement to the garage and later they opened a CrossFit gym! I did crossfit for almost 4 years in the gym and then life happened and I stopped doing it! Now I have been back doing to for again for a little over 2 years! since being back I have made a lot of changes in my life!  I am so excited to be coaching the Crossfire class here at Little City Fitness! In less than a year I have lost almost 100 pounds and became a healthier me! I am very excited to be able to share my love for health and fitness with others! 

Madison Myers

Coach Madison began her CrossFit/functional fitness journey in July 2019 and fell in
love the first day she started.


Fitness has always been a huge part of her life. After high school Coach Madison continued her athletic career and played collegiate soccer for Heidelberg University. Coach Madison also earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training.
Madison also has a Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning from Concordia


Coach Madison previously coached at Anytime Fitness in Bellevue. She currently
works as an outreach AT for two schools in Mansfield (Crestline and Ontario High
School). Madison loves helping people achieve their goals and making it fun! Coach Madison is also the Mom of Coach Kevin (seen in her photo!)

Amanda Sidell

Coach Amanda stumbled upon CrossFit in 2012 and it has been her main source of training ever since. Amanda enjoys the constant change and challenge of each workout.  

Coach Amanda's high energy and fun personality in the gym has also allowed her to gain many friends and even a husband, Derik Sidell. That's right! Amanda met her husband Derik at the gym! 


Amanda has competed in many local CrossFit competitions over the past several years and enjoys the friendly competition.  She prefers a barbell over the rig, and running over rowing.  Amanda is most proud of maintaining her fitness during pregnancy, first in 2017 and now currently. Amanda lives in Norwalk with her husband Derik and their son, Brooks. 

Kent Bridgett

Coach Kent has been doing CrossFit/Functional Fitness since July 2019. Kent is a retired US Navy Veteran and first heard about CrossFit while doing a bible study that mentioned Rich Froning. After watching some videos and reading some books he decided he had to try it. His awesome wife Terri of 23yrs got him a punch card for his 5st birthday and after getting up the nerve to go he hasn’t missed a beat.


One of the things Kent enjoyed first about Little City is the way everyone makes you feel like family and the encouragement that comes from the Coaches and other members. He set a goal to become a Coach and is really excited to
encourage and motivate the gym members.


Kent is always setting new fitness goals and killing it with a smile on his face.
He lives in Norwalk with his wife Terri and daughter Angie (12), he also has son Nick (22).

Lyndi Johnson

Coach Lyndi started CrossFit/functional fitness back in 2014 with Coach Amanda (Workout Wednesdays with Amanda). After a hiatus from CrossFit, she joined Little City in August of 2019 and hasn’t looked back! 

Lyndi played softball growing up and continued her softball career as a pitcher at Owens Community College for 2 years, where she received her Associates Degree in Applied Science for her Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. She then became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in September 2019 and is also certified in LSVT BIG for Parkinsons. It’s in her nature to help others become better and she is excited to help everyone at Little City work hard to achieve their fitness and health goals! 

Lyndi is a professional maple sap collector, has mastered (alright, just an amateur)  the art of crocheting, and loves any work with the barbell. Her favorite cardio is horizontal running. She currently lives in Marblehead, Ohio with her favorite person in the world, okay okay dog, Murphy. 

Jessica Heagney

Coach Jessica Heagney started her career by doing CrossFit in 2013. Crossfit is the first sport Coach Jessica has ever been in as because she never participated any sport in school and was your standard lazy couch potato. Fitness is her way of showing everyone another side to herself that people didn't even know she had.


Crossfit has made Coach Jessica a different person by changing her life for the better. She CrossFit after a friend didn't want to try CrossFit alone so she went with her and fell in love with the way you can chose to change and strengthen yourself mentally and physically. She now has a very strong passion for lifting and being healthy. Coach Heagney's favorite thing about fitness is helping others find the same strengths in each other that bring such great relationships and bonds. 


Coach Jessica has competed in strongman with a 3rd place in the nation in 2014 


Competed in worlds Championships strongman/woman 2015 

Qualified for USA's Weightlifting National Championship in 2019.