Little City CrossFire

What is CrossFire?

CrossFire is a high energy, full body workout that mixes strength and cardio exercises performed at a high intensity.  This metabolic style training is a fun, yet challenging workout that moves through a variety of different movements quickly, with exercises and workouts changing every class!


This program is designed for every body, and can be modified to fit all fitness levels!


Let’s FIRE it up! 

Carley Haymond


How I even got started going to Little City Fitness was the week they did  “ free week”.  I enjoyed doing CrossFit but it just wasn’t for me yet. When the whole COVID-19 hit and gyms closed I started to kinda do stuff like WOD and HITT workouts at home. It was alright but you just don’t have that push. Than about month ago I seen them post that they were going to start this Crossfire class and I was in love. I did the first week and I got hooked because it give you this high after every workout! They show you EVERY workout no matter if it’s your first day or you 10th day which is phenomenal. I love CrossFire. If you are telling yourself “oh I don’t know how to lift weights or anything about workout”  they modify every workout on the board so everyone is able to complete the workout. 

Amy Shutt


Being a part of little city fitness has been amazing for me .... from the moment I walked in the door I was met with open arms . The new crossfire class is amazing. I’m always met with a smile and know I have someone there with me till the end pushing me, encouraging me, they are the absolute best motivators and Knowing I can push myself past what I think I can handle is my favorite part and I’m always making new friends .

Tiffany Nuhfer


Crossfire caught my interest because I felt it was a middle ground between my current HIIT workouts and CrossFit! I absolutely love the atmosphere at Little City! Everyone is so encouraging and the coaches push me to do more than I thought I was ever capable of! Every workout is a challenge! We receive training for each move and that was important to me as someone who is new to a gym environment! Anyone can do this program!! Get in on this!