Wyatt Jaeger

Wyatt Jaeger



About Coach

Coach Wyatt has been doing CrossFit or functional fitness for a little over two years and fell in love with it instantly when his second workout in it was the “Murph”. Ever sense that day Coach Wyatt has been obsessed with being the fittest he can possibly be and is always trying to get better at all the movements in the long list of things to in CrossFit/Functional Fitness. Wyatt is currently enrolled in college for Nursing because helping people is something’s he has always wanted to do when it came his life job! Coach Wyatt found that being a coach helps that just as much showing people the correct way of doing a movement and seeing people achieve their goals! Also he's the coach for the “Wednesday Wods with Wyatt” what he's more than happy to be apart of!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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