Holly Cleland

Holly Cleland



About Coach

Hi my name is Holly Cleland and I a very excited to be coaching at Little City Fitness! I married to my wonderful husband Matt. We have 2 children Lakyn 4 and Bentley 2. My full time job is teaching Kindergarten at Willard City schools! My fitness adventure started over 7 years ago in the basement of my best friends house! We moved from the basement to the garage and later they opened a CrossFit gym! I did CrossFit for almost 4 years in the gym and then life happened and I stopped doing it! Now I have been back doing to for again for a little over 2 years! since being back I have made a lot of changes in my life! I am so excited to be coaching the Crossfire class here at Little City Fitness! In less than a year I have lost almost 100 pounds and became a healthier me! I am very excited to be able to share my love for health and fitness with others!

Turning Point

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